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Falcons Primary School

Pupil Voice

Pupil Learning Council

The Pupils Learning Council is made up of various children from across the year groups and their aim is to represent the school community in the development of teaching and learning. The council also focuses on the rights and responsibilities of children, working to ensure that these are respected by:

  • Allowing the children to have a voice
  • Helping the school and community be a better place
  • Helping to improve learning in school
  • Raising funds for children who may need our support
  • Celebrating successes and achievements

Council members are selected by their class  peers in a democratic vote at the start of each term.  Children from Years 2 - 6 meet with Mrs Mann every week. 

Pupil Learning Council 2001 - 2020

Autumn Term Pupil Learning Council Spring Term Pupil Learning Council Summer Term Pupil Learning Council


"I have enjoyed being a School Learning Councillor because I got to share my ideas with Mrs Mann"
Councillor Sharad


"I feel I have helped improve the school in many ways including help promote more after school clubs in school like skipping, football and arobics"

Councillor Myleen



" I got to participate in giving ideas to make a difference to the school."

Councillor Barleen


Wellbeing Champion

A Wellbeing Champion is simply someone who promotes wellbeing to others. We want to be positive role models for others . We are here to put a smile on those sad faces and help you to solve any problems you have, no matter how small they are . Giving smiles are totally free! We are here to ensure pupils enjoy their days and have fun.


Creativity Council

Our Creativity Council use their imagination, have brilliant ideas and develop their understanding of ‘the arts’. Each year we offer a group of Year 5 pupils the opportunity to join the Creativity Council and work with The Spark Arts. The Spark Arts for Children is a children's art charity who run The Spark Festival, with  world class, performances and activities in communities around Leicester/Shire. 


We get involved in some exciting projects like taking-over Leicester Museum and working with artists to develop children’s skills in reviewing, expressing opinion, identifying and communicating effectively on quality in the arts.

Lunchtime Sevadar

Seva is very important in the Sikh faith and it means ‘selfless service’ - work or service performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit. In Punjabi, the person performing such service is called a Sevadar. 

Our lunchtime Sevadars ensure our lunchtimes run smoothly by helping the lunchtime supervisors. Their responsibilities may include helping to clear the plates, cutlery and cups in the dinner hall. They also make sure that younger pupils moving around the school sensibly and safely.


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