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Falcons Primary School

Our Outdoor Classroom

Outside we have our own playground, our ‘outdoor classroom’. All of the children usually spend at least a part of each day outdoors, it’s why we have welly boots as part of the Reception uniform! Like our indoor classroom this area is in constant development but offers the children the opportunity to be active, artistic, mathematical, messier and more on a bigger scale! This year we are also further developing our gardening skills: we have planted trees and are beginning to plant flowers and vegetables. We have also created a new texture kitchen which the children are really enjoying.


In addition to our outdoor classroom this year our school has seen the beginning of our wildlife garden at the front of the school. This area offers the children the chance to explore nature with trees and bushes, grassed areas, a planted bulb labyrinth, living willow tunnel, bird watching area, bug hotels, planting areas, log circle and more. We have even had a securely fenced area created where we have dug a pond. We look forward to incorporating this area into our learning throughout the year.



Phonics in Reception

Phonics in Reception

Our children receive daily phonics teaching. We follow the Letters and Sounds programme but use some of the Read Write Ink resources and terminology to support this.

In Autumn term 1 we focus on developing strong Phase 1 listening skills. In Autumn term 2 we begin whole class teaching of Phase 2 phonic sounds and skills. Upon completion of Phase 2 we split into smaller groups to teach the children at a pace appropriate to their learning needs.

You can find out more about how we teach phonics in the pdf below.

Phonics in Reception Workshop

We embed the use of phonic skills for reading and writing across the curriculum and our learning environment, both indoors and outdoors.