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Falcons Primary School

Year 2/3

Year 2/3 will be continuing our 'Kings and Queen' topic for this term. /docs/Learning_fun_in_Year_2_and_3.docx


Year 2/3 have been learning about an artist called Andy Warhol. The children enjoyed creating their very own fruit pop arts using oil pastels, water colours and paint. 

Year 3 children had lots of fun making 3D models using polydrons and straws! 



Rangoli Activity

Christmas jumper day!

Today, Year 2/3 children came to school dressed in their festive Christmas jumpers to raise money for 'Save the Children' charity. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year! 

Cadbury World Trip 


Today, Year 2/3 really enjoyed their trip to Cadbury's World because they learnt more about Aztecs and how chocolate is manufactured. 

 Year 3 Science


Year 3 children have been learning about the importance of skeletons for our bodies. Today, all the children enjoyed drawing around a friend's body on a large piece of paper. The challenge was to draw and label all the different bones inside the body. 


Year 3 children were amazed to learn that animals also have skeletons. They had fun identifying all the different animals according to their skeletons. 


Year 3 children enjoyed learning about the different muscles that are used when carrying out day to day activities like brushing your teeth.

 Year 2 Science 


Today, our Year 2 Science group helped sort out Miss Sharma's food shopping into the correct groups, inside the huge triangle. Year 2 definitely know what they should eat more of, less of and foods they should eat as a treat.


Our Year 2 children really enjoyed completing their five exercises while counting how many times they could complete each one in a minute. They also found it interesting to note down what happened to their body after each exercise. Some of us worked in mixed ability groups and some of us worked with an adult. 


Today, we observed closely at plants and trees in our local environment and recorded what we could see.



Today, we built objects we could use everyday using recycled materials that we collected throughout the week. 


Today, Year 2s explored the school's wildlife area. They had lots of fun hunting for minibeasts using their science equipment and using their mathematical skills to record their findings. 

Year 2 Maths 


Today, Year 2 children had fun working in small groups while they measured, compared and ordered different lengths. They recorded their findings using the following signs: >, < and =. 


Year 2 children had fun comparing lengths using single multiples.




Year 2 children loved counting in steps of two. They arranged lots of numbers in the correct order and to challenge themselves, partner A closed their eyes while partner B removed a card so Partner A could work out the missing number. 


The children worked together to complete each multiplication fact before arranging these in order to make a column of multiplication facts for the 2 times table. Some children used small counting objects for support. 

Year 3 Maths 


Year 3 children had fun adding multiples of 100 on an empty number line. 


Year 3 children had fun playing a subtraction game against each other. They had a 100 number square per pair, some counters and a dice. The aim of the game was to mentally subtract ones starting at 100, the winner was the first person to get to zero! Lots of children became very competitive whilst playing this fun game. 


Year 3 Literacy 


The children enjoyed playing the 'Plural or Possessive' game in literacy today. They were learning about possessive apostrophes. 




Year 3 children had fun working on homophones by playing a matching and sorting game. They were asked to match the different homophones to their correct definitions. Some groups were given a time limit and some groups were given pictures to help them with the words. 

Year 2 Literacy 


Year 2 children have been learning about past and present tenses today. They were given sentences to read as a group and then they had to decide whether the sentences were written in the past tense or in the present tense. 

Year 2/3 topic


Our Year 2/3 children are enjoying learning about the history of chocolate. Today, we created our own Aztec cups using our pottery skills.