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Falcons Primary School

Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 2021-2022

This year the classes are:

 Nightingale Class - taught by Mrs Kaur

Osprey Class - taught by Miss Dempsey

Year 4 2020-2021



Poetry Slam! 

Year 4 have been busy participating in a 10 week project with 'Spark Arts' and local poet, Owen Craven - Griffiths.  We learnt important skills to write an effective poem such as alliteration, metaphors, similes, repetition, rhyme and personification.  After becoming experts at these, we collaborated in small groups to write our very own poems ready to perform to other schools at the Y Theatre!

Year 4  children performed so brilliantly that we won a trophy for having 'The most inventive ideas'. It is safe to say that we can all call ourselves a poet! Well done Year 4!  

       Year 4 children performing at The Y Theatre         

           Year 4 children performing at The Y Theatre.               One of our Poet Laureates receiving our year group trophy!


In Literacy, we used our experience of creating and performing our poems  to write a set of instructions titled 'How to Write a Poem'. The results were fantastic and our children can now share their expert skills with others! 


This term, our topic is called 'Misty Mountains'. Year 4 have been busy learning about how mountains are formed, the features of a mountain, what mountain ranges are and where they can be found on the world map. Recently, we have been learning about the human and physical features of particular mountains such as Machu Picchu, The Swiss Alps, and Mount Snowdon. The children are now working on their own project based on recreating one of these mountains whilst thinking about how they can include human and physical features on them.